Steve Irwin Daughter dies is a hoax

Steve Irwin Daughter DIES must have been flashing in your Internet feeds and portals for the past hours or so but a reliable source say otherwise.
The Crocodile Hunter's daughter Bindi, 14, has been rumored dead, in fact it trended on Twitter on Thursday. The truth is, the Australian teen is alive and kicking. If you see captions or lines "Steve Irwin daughter dies", it's just a made up story.

Could it be that the hoax was made in relation to giving a hype on Bindi's latest movie engagement titled "Return From Nim Island"? Well, what do you know?

A lot of trending keyword searches have been surfacing from time to time and many of them bring enormous reactions to unsuspecting online readers. Often times, hoax like this "Steve Irwin daughter dies" prey on celebrities. For those who do not have critical line of thinking, they might just believe anything that trends in the Internet, on Twitter more specifically.

So as said, Bindi Irwin is not dead, hence "Steve Irwin daughter dies" is just a concocted story.

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