Sumsung unveiled games console ahead of Google and Apple

Gaming console enthusiasts have been anxious to hear from both Google and Apple regarding a possible release but at the peak of the waiting, Samsung, actually got the support gadget already.
Looking back in March, Samsung unveiled a game console along with the release of Galaxy S4. It was a game controller that is adaptable to ranges of Samsung devices.
Image: engadget
It looks like an X-Box controller, which can connect to a phone then to a dock and eventually to a widescreen monitor via HDMI.

Samsung game controller is now selling for $113.

The truth is, there is a bunch of low cost game controllers in the market already. We got some in India, China, Latin America and the Middle East. Products like Woxi Media (Android),  Amkette’s Evo TV, and UK-based Gamestick (Android) are now in the shelves. Sooner or later, they will be in the West too.

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