Suspension of classes search keywords trend in the Philippines

Perhaps it has become a common practice of Internet users in the Philippines to search for "Suspension of Classes" related news and updates, specially during a series of weather-related phenomenon such as rains, thunderstorms, typhoons, and also tropical depressions and the development of low pressure areas.
It maybe in a bad light to note that CLASS SUSPENSION keywords do rank up during unwanted events but that's the truth - Philippine's multitude of islands are surrounded by vast seas, so climatic reactions and other related natural occurrences are most likely to take place.

In the capital region of the Philippines alone, which is Metro Manila, classes in pre-schools, elementary, high school and college are suspended most of the time, specially during rainy seasons. The country's weather bureau came up with a typhoon or storm reading guidelines wherein certain levels of schools are suspended, depending on the level of typhoon / storm intensity. It's an automatic convention for every Filipino citizen and organization at large.

This boiled down to the highly anticipative attitudes of netizens in the Philippines to search for possible declarations of suspension of classes, in school or office. It cannot be denied that it has become customary but what can people do? They have been tired of enduring the tortures of being stranded on the road while heavy rains are pouring down. The same goes when intense flooding is on the rise. Hence, residents do not want to spend their supposed relaxation and family bonding times on the road because of heavy traffic brought about by inclement weathers.

So in the offices, schools or private company, people usually inquire if work or school has already been suspended or not, so that they can start packing up to go home, as soon as they can.

On the other hand, there are also confusions amongst Filipino school and office going individuals, and even parents who do not want their kids stranded on the way, in matters of who really declares suspension of classes or office works. While the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) is the prime government entity to overlook Philippine's educational system, it does not declare suspension of classes. The function is being entrusted to specific local government units (LGUs) or the school itself.

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