51 Egyptians killed amidst protest runs #EgyptProtests2013

At least 51 Egyptians were reportedly killed during one of the protests being held in relation to the dethroning of the then president Morsi. There have been clashes between police forces and Muslim Brotherhood supporters at the Republican Guards base in Cairo on July 8, 2013.
Allegedly, the said 51 supporters of the ousted Morsi were praying when the military forces fired live rounds and tear gasses. On the other hand, the military blamed the terrorists. In a call to prevent further massacre, Egypt's Islamist movement called on to the International community to intervene, to avoid creating another Syria in the Arab world.

White House responded in a rather cold tone as spokesman Jay Carney said, it would not be of the best interest if Washington will reconsider the $1.3 billion it provides to Egypt annually.

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