apl.de.ap scolded Sarah Geronimo over egoy comment

Voice PH mentor-judges Black Eyed Peas member Allan Pineda or apl.de.ap and Sarah Geronimo reportedly clashed in the backstage during one of the conducts of the show.
Allegedly, apl.de.ap scolded Sarah by telling her to watch her words after a supposed complimentary remark on a contestant - "egoy na egoy", to which the Fil-Am rapper denied. He said:
Sinermonan ko? No way! Why would I sermon Sarah?… She’s great. I would never sermon her 
I would say Lea because we always kinda like have that friendly competition, and I love it!
There are also tensions that speak about the 4 judges / mentor of Voice PH wherein they have poor hygiene. This came from the observation that they do not change clothes across several episodes of the show. apl.de.ap said, not that they let the hygiene thing go its way. It's just that they wanted to keep the continuity of the show.

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