Arjean Marie Belco, what happened to her?

Arjean Marie Belco is an 18-year old education student who just recently got a sponsorship to attend World Youth Day in Brazil. She took her flights to Brazil via Kuala Lumpur Airport. She was temporarily barred by the airport authority due to reasons "not ready to travel" and "..doubtful".
Other reasons given by a certain Mr. Shawa of the KLM are: Her passport is "so new", why the "Cheap" ticket?, and things like why Belco purchased the ticket the day earlier and how much money she holds. Shawa also inquired why Belco was flying via Malaysia en route to Brazil.

Arjean Marie Belco is a young indigenous Filipina and is a member of the Talaandig tribe of Bukidnon. A lot of groups say, her's was a case of a clear discrimination by an airline.

Belco's sponsor eventually managed to rebook Arjean's connecting flight to Rio De Janiero after an expensive resort, wherein an official of GoodX had to take a flight from Manila to Malaysia just to meet the KLM Ground Services Regional Station Manager.

GoodX stated that Belco's case could be deeper than what KLM has declared. Things could be because of a possible discrimination based on color, gender, nationality and social status among many others.

What was worse, Mr. Shawa was "laughing while listening" to what a official was explaining over the phone.

Arjean Marie Belco was stranded in the airport for 2 nights. Due to a costly resolve, she was able to board her flight Rio de Janiero on the evening of July 22 (Mon).

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