Cat sees owner after 6 months leave, gets viral [VIDEO]

Cat sees owner after 6 months leave YouTube video is really getting viral and it trends in the social media portals too.

This trending YouTube video has already raked in some 5M views and its counting up! Apparently it is a video featuring a cat, on the sofa lying, seemingly waiting for someone to arrive. At approximately 0:08 time in the video, the cat owner enters the living room and greeting the black cat.
Hey Kitty! I'm home.. come here Charlie! At 0:21, the cat's response to his supposed owner is just amazing. Watch the encounter video below:
A cat seeing her/his owner after a six months leave is somewhat exciting if the pet is more than eager to give some well-wishing treat. In this case, the cat just yawned away, completely turning away the sight from the "owner".

Well, this is a video made "on the goof" by Michael Carbonaro. His website is at:

Well done Michael. This video has certainly went viral and it's getting a hot trend.

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