DMX arrested for DUI, drunk driving, no license?

News on DMX arrested due to quite a number of reasons that need proper verification are circulating the web right now.
For one, the rapper whose real name is Earl Simmons was allegedly pulled over early morning of Friday due to a suspected drunk driving. He was given a Breathalyzer Test right after but was released quickly. That's according to a statement on issued on behalf of DMX.

Second, there is no clear statement whether DMX was really driving without a license.

DMX age was also stated with two conflicting figures. Inquisitr article says in its 2nd paragraph - DMX is "42-year-old singer" then in the 6th paragraph, he is a "48-year-old singer ".

Last year, Simmons was also arrested due to the same suspicion - he was driving without a license. He was then freed after paying a fine.

Sometime in 2011 in a Phoenix countryside, DMX was arrested after being clocked driving at a speed of 102 mph.

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