Don Mattrick sits as the new CEO of Zynga

Former Microsoft Exec Don Mattrick replaces Mark Pincus as CEO of Zynga. This has already been confirmed by the struggling gaming company, as per report published by Kara Swisher of AllThingsD.
Don Mattrick
 Mattrick will be assuming office next Monday.

Upon the change of official, Zynga reported a sudden increase in stocks - 12 percent up after the change in CEO report.

Zynga is a social  media games provider since 2007, wherein Pincus is one of the founders. Other people behind the establishment of Zynga are Eric Schiermeyer, Michael Luxton, Justin Waldron, Kyle Stewart, Scott Dale, Steve Schoettler, Andrew Trader.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is still contemplating on who will be replacing Mattrick.

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