Donaire's pregnant wife saved a drowning kid

Wife of Filipino boxing icon Nonito Donaire, Jr., Rachel whose 9 months pregnant at the time, selflessly jumped into the water to save a drowning child.

According to reports, pregnant Rachel Donaire was in a picnic with friends to celebrate July 4, US Independence Day. One of their friend's sons reportedly disappeared in the water, only to find out that the boy was drowning.
The boxer's wife has been getting praises for her compassion, bravery and heroic act. Lawmakers even joined in to the buzz by contemplating on filing commendations for Mrs. Donaire. As of late, at least three (3) congressmen indicated an intention to file a resolution commending Rachel.

Said Davao Rep. Karlo Nograles:
The Donaire couple are truly a source of pride and inspiration for all of us Filipinos. This news that Rachel risked her own life to save another person's life is an exceptional display of courage and heroism
Iloilo Rep. Jerry TreƱas said:
This story about Mrs. Donaire is really heart-warming. Things like these remind me everyday that there is still hope for Filipinos and I'm sure many of our kababayans also feel the same
After the incident, Rachel was admitted in a hospital for fetal monitoring. Her husband Nonito said in his Twitter account:
Rachel woke up with sharp pain and was admitted in the hospital where she was monitored for over an hour and was diagnosed with a strained ligament. Doctors say baby is unaffected. She was ordered bed rest for a couple days

Donaire's wife has been lauded as hero for saving a helpless kid, even risking her own life and unborn baby.

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