Gunless lady cop captures a robber in Manila

According to sources, policewoman Arbo was among the female jeepney passengers destined to be robbed by gang member Christoper Berana, who is also a reported notorious gang member.
A Filipino elite policewoman of Special Action Force (SAF) during an anti-terrorism drill in Camp Bagong Diwa (2007) -
Berana declared a hold-up somewhere in Sta. Mesa, Manila on June 4. With the use of her knowledge in martial arts, Police Officer 2 Edlyn Arbo pursued Berana. Despite earning a stab on her thigh, Arbo still engaged on a chase and had the suspect caught with the help of bystanders.

In the speech of Pres. Aquino during the distribution of the newly acquired Glock pistols in Camp Crame on Tuesday, Arbo earned praises awards due to her heroic act. The president said:
Hindi niya inalintana ang kawalan ng baril, at natamong sugat sa engkuwentro. Tapang, pananagutan, at kasanayan bilang pulis ang tanging sandata niya para panagutin ang holdaper. Kita naman po n’yo ang kababaihan
Officer Arbo became a recipient of the Medalya ng Sugatang Magiting or Wounded Medal for her laudable accomplishment.

Pres. Aquino strongly emphasized that Edlyn Arbo must be promoted.

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