Mark Munoz new physique for UFC 162 [PHOTOS]

It came unnoticeable for the "Filipino Wrecking Machine" MMA and UFC fighter Mark Munoz that he succumbed to "turning to food for comfort" after his loss to Chris Weidman.

The struggle was added by Mark's way to recover from a foot injury sustained while training for the above-mentioned bout.

Mark Munoz must have taken a huge does of an upset, specially that he came from 4-times winning streak.

Here's what Munoz had to say:
Battled through injury, self-doubt, and depression. I turned to food for comfort and what I found was more heartache. A never ending cycle of “eating because I was sad and sad because I was eating.” I had to find peace and comfort in my faith in God, He shaped my life.
Here is a comparative set of photos of Mark Munoz where he trimmed from 261 lbs to 199 as of June 27.
The 35 year old UFC fighter is schedule to fight with Tim Boetsch at UFC 162, which is headlined by a spectacular title match between Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva.

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