Mos Def force-fed in a gruesome Guantanamo bay protest [VIDEO]

Rapper turned actor Mos Def or Yasiin Bey joined a Guantanamo bay protest wherein he agreed to undergo the gruesome procedure prisoners had to go through during their hunger strikes - Force-fed!
Along the way, Mos Def found the procedure unbearable and so, he decided to stop. He said he really could not take it anymore, so he gave up. The demo was videotaped and has been released by a British human rights group - Reprieve.
In the force-feeding scene, Mos Def can be seen dressed in bright orange jumpsuit, restrained in a chair. His head and limbs are also strapped to prevent further movements and struggle.

Yasiin related, his throat and nose felt like on fire. He eventually fell into tears as he recall the painful torture that the Guantanamo Bay prisoners on hunger strike, had to undergo.

Here goes the force-feeding video of Mos Def during the Guantanamo bay protest:

Presently, around 50 percent of the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay are on a hunger strike, since months ago.

Kudos to Mos Def for his one of a kind political activism.

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