Nazi themed cafe in Indonesia sparked outrage

While the owner of what has been labeled as a Nazi Cafe in Bandung, Indonesia do not idolize Hitler, an international outrage was triggered resulting to Simon Wiesenthal Center reaching out to Indonesia diplomats to apply appropriate measures.
On behalf of the 400,000 members and victims of the Nazi Holocaust, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, from the Los Angeles-based Jewish human rights group, told AFP:
We expect that all appropriate measures will be taken to close down this business celebrating a genocidal ideology that at its core denigrates people of color and all non-Aryans
The Nazi Cafe owner Henry Mulyana has this to say:
I don't idolize Hitler, I simply adore the soldiers' paraphernalia
In Mulyana's cafe, gas mask canisters and battle flags are displayed. His place is named "SoldatenKaffee" for "The Soldiers' Cafe". It was taken after the popular hangout place for soldiers in Germany during World War II.

After a newspaper publication about the cafe, Bandung deputy mayor Ayi Vivananda called for a meeting with Mulyana. The mayor said:
We need to ask him first in detail what his real intentions are 
But what is clear is that Bandung city will not allow anyone here inciting racial hatred.
According to Indonesian law, a deliberate show of hatred based on race or ethnicity will earn up to five (5) years of imprisonment.

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