News reporter draws man's private part on screen while reporting [VIDEO]

Siobhan Riley, a local Michigan ABC 12 news reporter was trying to give details on a construction area and traffic flow; She was using a touch screen media when suddenly she unknowingly drew a pen-is. It was definitely a fail but accidents do happen to everyone at random.
Here is Siobhan Riley's video while reporting:
It was a traffic report for Siobhan but in an unexpected turn of event, she drew a male appendage while describing.

Siobhan Riley's case is not unique and weird, as many people may find what had happened. There is a lot of air bloopers around and they were caught on videos too. Some brought laughter while some of them drew ire and hate. But whatever the case is, Siobhan was serious in her report - it's just that in a random proportion of occurrence, she drew a man's pen-is.

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