Rice stocks up by 26 percent in July, NFA says

According to the National Food Authority (NFA), there has been about 26 percent increase in the country's rice stocks. At the present, NFA's stock accounts to "28% (648,400 Metric Tons)of the entire country’s inventory". (Business World Online)
While in the commercial sector, the stock is around 776,400 MT, which is about 32 percent of the overall volume (National). On the household level, it is around "958,200 MT, 40% of the inventory." (Business World Online)

Rolando T. Dy, director of the Center for Food and Agribusiness hinted that the increase in rice stocks is due to the recent import activities in the country.

Meanwhile, NFA Administrator Orlan A. Calayag told the public not to worry about any possible shortages as the country has sufficient buffer stocks.

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