Royal baby seen to boost UK economy

While UK and the whole world at large, await for the coming of the royal baby, retail companies are seeing some degree of boost in terms of share from the possible spending of the royal family for the royal baby.
More so, as expected, there will be a nationwide celebration and that will trigger some portion of UK's boost in the economy. Estimates say, the figure could be by 243 million pounds or more than $370 million within July and August.

Director of the Centre for Retail Research Joshua Bamfield said:
The people selling baby wear and nursery equipment – to them it's very, very exciting 
There's a category of people where their babies are born in 2013, and the parents, grandparents, those people have told us they expect to buy souvenirs for the infant
 When we look at celebrations and so on, we're thinking about supermarkets who have been organizing for this for some months
The royal baby is also seen to spur sales in markets outside UK. Due to the baby's coverage by the media, his/her birth and related news bits are surely elements of increased sales in the newspaper sector.

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