Bupati (Regent) Cup Championships: Stampede at boxing match in Indonesia, 18 killed

Bupati (Regent) Cup Championships -- In a boxing championship match in Eastern Indonesia, supporters of the losing camp threw chairs at the judges and the winning camp's supporters. It was then retaliated by flying bottles, among many other objects.
Apparently, the losing team's supporters did not like the points awarded by the judges in the match. Hence, a riot emerged creating stampede as the crowd tried to run out of the arena to avoid the mess. The victims are mostly women, trampled to death by about 2,000 live viewers inside the stadium.

What an untoward turn of event as the stadium is designed for only up to a maximum crowd of 600, and with only two (2) working exits.

Reports say, at least 12 women died while 40 people were hospitalized due injuries incurred. Big Story AP website say, there were 11 women killed in the tragedy while 32 were hospitalized.

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