Will Nokia Lumia 1020 emerge as a best buy smartphone?

A leaked image of Nokia Lumia 1020 emerge a few days ago and many indicated that it could be Nokia's answer to Samsung Galaxy S4, having topped the comparison with a dazzling 41-megapixel camera while the former released 16-megapixel.
Sweet as it may, the very high end smartphone seen to come with Nokia Lumia 1020 may not be a bestseller. Not even with 41-megapixel shutter tool.

As per research done by a firm IDC, smartphone owners in 25 countries treated camera as their 15th priority among the 23 features cited for them. On the top notches are "audio quality for voice, battery life, device security and browsing".

Said Francisco Jeronimo, an IDC mobile phone analyst:
Most people just look at their photos on their smartphone or via a social network on a computer - and for this the other vendors already provide very good quality
Nokia needs to convince consumers that this new handset outperforms others in low-light conditions, otherwise they would only really notice the difference if they zoomed in on the images on a large screen or printed out a poster
It may be the best smartphone out there but I doubt it will be enough to convince many users to jump platform from Android or iOS which accounted for 92% of global shipments in the last quarter.
Quite interesting to know, what countries were used in the research survey. Neverthless, Nokia Lumia 1020 is one grand smartphone to wait for.

Sources say, Lumia 1020 will be selling at $300 when it comes out in the US on July 26.

Lumia 1020 maybe a best buy smartphone for the professional mobile photographers out there.

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