Indonesian jailbreak: 30 prisoners escaped after riots

Labuhan Ruku prison in Sumatra island just had a slap to the face when at least 30 prisoners escaped following riots on Sunday. This is the 3rd prison breakout in the past weeks and it is tough for the Indonesian authorities to coup up.
While some of the escapees were recaptured, part of them managed to stay on the run. Reports say, police and prison management are trying hard to regain full control of the Ruku prison as inmates started to attack officers and wardens.

During Indonesian Independence Day celebration, some of the prisoners do get pardons and cut in their sentences. Those who do not get any, get angered thereby initiating chaos and most of the time results to jailbreak.

Prisons spokesman at the justice ministry, Akbar Hari said:
There was an attack by prisoners on prison staff at 5:00 pm (1000 GMT), after which they also set the registration room and security post on fire.
The police and military are there to handle the situation ..The prison is overcrowded, there are 867 prisoners there when the capacity is for 300.
In July, Indonesia has had two breakouts. The first one involved about 150 prisoners, while the second one got 11, all identified as serving drug offenses.

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