6 Japan Ramen Brands to Battle in Manila

At least 6 ramen brands will battle each other out for the Philippine's edition of "Ramen Champion" before 2013 ends. The venue is still undeclared but it will be a 650-square meter arena in Manila.
This event is said as "the biggest ramen food theme park in Asia" as it has been conducted in neighboring countries like Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

If you are a ramen lover and would like to join the fun while at the same time helping the competition run, you better set your date to visit the venue once it is announced.

The basis of the judgment for this ramen battle championship will be sales and customer votes.

The six (6) ramen brands from Japan to join the contest are the following: antetsu in Sapporo (said to be the birthplace of miso ramen), Muso, Bario, Buta God and Menban Yamagishi Kazuo from Tokyo, and Ikkousha from Hakata.

Have you been to this kind of contest before? Here is a teaser video for last year's Ramen Champion, which was held in Singapore.
Surely this year, you will be asking for more! (Image: supermerlion.com)

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