Anderson Silva called Floyd Mayweather 'Papa Smurf'

As the news have it, former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva called undefeated boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather, Jr. - Papa Smurf.
Silva guested on rapper and reporter Sway Calloway's 'Sway in the Morning' and from what went on, the UFC legend repeatedly answered "Who?" and "Whos is this guy?" every time the anchor mentions Mayweather's name.
Along with the interview, Silva even called Floyd, Smurf. Perhaps, from what we can cull in mind, Silva kind of recounted the name of the comedian actor Eddie Murphy. Anderson continued:
This guy is, uh, Smurfy? Is he a Smurf? 
I don't know this guy
Calloway asked Silva:
What do you think of him as a boxer, though? I mean, he's undefeated. Many have tried, and everyone has failed. What do you think of him as just a boxer?
Silva answered:
Boxing is a great sport ..My dad was a boxer for a long time in Brazil…People in the United States love boxing. I watched Roy Jones, Oscar De La Hoya, Vinnie Pazienza.
A listener called and asked Silva about Mayweather. The former referred to the latter as "Papa Smurf".

In the end, Anderson Silva gave some praises to Mayweather, saying he is a 'good boxer'. Watch the video below:
Anderson Silva calling Floyd Mayweather a 'Smurfy' or 'Papa Smurf' is something like an answer to what Mayweather did in an interview with ESNews weeks ago, saying he has no idea who Silva is.

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