Art Donovan dies at 89 due to respiratory ailment

Art Donovan, the "feisty defensive tackle" for Baltimore Colts and who helped the team won in 1958 and 1959 world championship series, finally rested in peace on Sunday night at the Stella Maris Hospice in Baltimore.
Donovan died due to respiratory ailment at the age of 89.

Art Donovan was able to maintain his popularity in the sport, even after he got elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He spent seasons with the New York Yanks and Dallas Texans from 1950 onwards 1961.

Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti said:
We lost a friend, one of the finest men and one of the greatest characters we were fortunate to meet in this community and in this business
Baltimore is now without one of its best and someone who was a foundation for the tremendous popularity of football in our area. The world is not as bright tonight because we lost someone who could make us all smile.
If you did not know, Art Donovan was also regarded as a fine storyteller. After his sports career, he chose to settle into a talk-show circuit for a living.
And yes, Donovan also made it to David Letterman's show. Here is a video of him being interviewed, sometime in 1986:
Arthur "The Bulldog" Donovan, Jr. better known as Art Donovan is the son of who's known as "..the most famous fight referee of all time" - Arthur J. Donovan Sr.

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