Benjamin Alves admits dating Janine Tugonon

Many feasted on the news when Janine Tugonon broke up with her long time boyfriend Jaypee Santos, apparently after knowing and meeting a foreign band's lead singer Danny O’Donoghue of "The Script". This thing seem to have calmed down, ever since Janine's revelation of break up with boyfriend over a national TV show.
Now, after about 4 months, a new and seemingly budding issue emerges - Janine Tugonon and Benjamin Alves dating. The Philippine Entertainment Portal had a chance to do a brief interview with Benjamin and he admitted going out with Janine; They are dating.

Benjamin said he knew Janine since she got into Jonas Gaffud's mentor-ship. Jonas, for those who do not know yet is the trainer of beauty queens Janine Tugonon, Shamcey Supsup and Venus Raj.

Benjamin said the issue is not a big deal since he and Janine are of age already. On the other hand, he denied that Janine and ex-boyfriend's break up was because of him.

Meanwhile, reading the readers' comments online informed us of a certain line of thinking, where they joked about being under the "Janine Tugonon phenomenon". They fear the same for Benjamin Alves, should things develop into something bigger than dating and going out.

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