Coca Cola Wahaha milk products are safe or not?

Safety issues have been tackled involving Coca Cola Wahaha milk products sold in the market, just recently.  Wahaha is a Chinese food firm and has been selling dairy products with raw materials imported from New Zealand, which is believed to have contained bacteria that can cause botulism.
Botulism is a "fatal paralytic illness". It is normally food borne and if consumed, the contamination can trigger the said illness.

Meanwhile, New Zealand's Fonterra, the company responsible for the controversial materials, went out of its way to investigate. Fonterra Chief Executive Theo Spierings traveled to China himself to apologize for the food contamination.

In its verdict on the issue, Fonterra said, milk powder sold by Coca Cola and Chinese food firm Wahaha is actually safe for consumption. This he told media people at a certain conference in Beijing on Monday.

The said contaminating bacteria would be killed during the processing stage, added Fonterra.

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