Dutch activist Beersum nabbed by Bureau of Immigration

The Dutch man who scolded the Filipino "Crying Cop" PO1 Joselito Sevilla during a stand-off between the protesters and police forces during the State of the Nation Address of President Aquino last month, has been detained by the Bureau of Immigration.
The apprehension was carried out when Thomas Van Beersum was about to board his plane back to the Netherlands on Tuesday.

According to Beersum's lawyer Rey Cortez, the former are being harassed by asking him to obtain a "clearance" before leaving Philippines.

Cortez cleared:
He is not under arrest. In fact he did not commit a crime during his stay here. He was about to leave the country, but was prevented from boarding his flight. They said he needs a clearance before he can leave the country
On the side of the Immigration, Beersum was apprehended due to overstaying, hence Beersum violated immigrations laws.

Beersum contested the statement of the bureau above. He said his visa was admitted for a total of 59 days, which is still not yet over.

Immigration bureau said Beersum maybe deported today and might earn the verdict of banned from re-entering the Philippines.

While a lot of Filipinos objected the idea of Beersum interfering with the Philippine's political affairs, the Dutchman said, he joined the protest because of the rampant human rights violations in the country and that includes the killing of one of his fellowmen, an aid worker who was killed last year.

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