Ellen Adarna admits past drug use

Ellen Adarna, the star of the upcoming local movie "Ang Tag-Araw ni Twinkle" admitted drug use in the past and indicated, it even helped her portray her role.
Ellen was asked what preparations she made for the movie. The actress answered "Wala. Experience" (None. Experience).
I’ll be lying if I’ll say that I didn’t experiment, but that’s about it. I was never addicted to drugs. Hindi ako na-rehab, wala akong withdrawal symptoms. I never reached that point 
Adarna said, like her character in the movie, she was also a rebel, a ran away at the age of 13. She used to sleep at her friend's house for days and then go on with the stowing away.

"Ang Tag-Araw ni Twinkle" is Ellen's come back to the movie scene ticket, according to Director Gil Portes.
Ellen was really my first choice after I first worked with her in ‘Bayang Magiliw,’ which was also shown this year ..But then GMA wanted me to use their stars so they can later acquire the TV rights. Kris Bernal expressed interest in the role as she wanted to broaden her horizons as an actress and was tired of doing the pa-sweet roles that we see her do on TV.
To the Ellen Adarna fans out there, "Ang Tag-Araw ni Twinkle" will be having a premiere on September 6 at SM Megamall.

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