Facebook rolls out embeddable statuses and photos like Twitter

Now we got Facebook allowing embeddable statuses on blogs and websites! There has been a battle for these social media sites over the years and today, Facebook takes on Twitter's embeddable statuses with photos and videos, aside from the textual form. Facebook now allows public status updates, including photos and videos. And yes, Facebook's newly rolled out "hashtags" can be embedded in your blog posts too.
Well, the feature may not be available for you yet but as of the moment, Facebook is doing a series of tests first with the following sites: Bleacher Report, CNN, The Huffington Post, Mashable and People

A slight difference between Twitter embeds and that of Facebook is that, the latter updates in real time both on Facebook and on the website where the embedded media status is located (website). Twitter does not have this capability yet.

In Facebook, allowable characters in a post is obviously larger than that of Twitter's, which is 140 characters.

Do you think Facebook embed post capability can push your marketing and social media presence? Let's see how it goes once it rolls out across billions of Facebook users around the world. (Photo: http://mashable.com), Source: www.theverge.com

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