Fisherman in Ilocos Norte Philippines hailed as Environment Hero by World Wildlife Fund

For saving a dolphin trapped in a fishing net, the local fisherman in Ilocos Norte earned a duly recognition from World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF)-Philippines as "Environment Hero".

The fisherman has been identified as Francisco Vergara. According to reports, Mr. Vergara saw the struggling dolphin from being stuck in a fishing net somewhere in Badoc town. Thereby, he informed the authorities about the situation. Said WWF:
The senior citizen wasted no time alerting authorities which quickly pooled resources to release the animal by 9:45 a.m.
The poor dolphin was safely released afterwards.

WWF-Philippines held a simple ceremony to bestow an award "Environmental Hero" to Mr. Vergara. It was graced by Badoc Mayor Arlene Torralba, Vice Mayor Tom Torralba and WWF Vice President Joel Palma.

Vergara is a senior citizen but that did not hamper him from delivering a heroic act.

As of the latest, WWF has awarded a total of 16 related awards already.

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