Gas Prices Heat Map

How about a GAS PRICES HEAT MAP in the Philippines? With the fast proliferation of mapping technology and mobile phone apps in the country, having a "Gas Prices" heat map can be a very good addition to the vast pool mobile information for the country's motorists. This maybe rather very useful for the urban travelers as well.

With the gas prices heat map represented in the mobile devices, one can easily spot where to do the next gas up. Since the map can also reflect on-going promos or discount campaigns, a driver can easily choose to save a cent or two.

But seeing the very inconsistent trend of gas prices in the Philippines, a heat map for the purpose may need quite an intensive updating mechanism to keep up with phase. Perhaps, rollbacks can also be included in the map layers, should the technology emerge and be distributed nationwide.

Here is how a gas prices heat map looks like, taking for example the case of the United States - they actually have this mapping system at work, courtesy of GasBuddy.Com.
A quick look at the map shows that Seattle, Boise, Salt Lake, San Francisco, LA and New York have got the highest gas prices at the time. As the radius of the heat goes towards New Orleans and Miami, gas prices seem to play in between average and low ranges.

Zooming in closer on the map will take you to the street level information and data.
With this map layer, you can even pinpoint a landmark, street name and even a particular gas station to gas up. With it, you can save time and cost, therefore quality spending of your fuel resources.

Do you think this is a good tool? What can you say?

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