Google Doodle for Erwin Schrödinger's 126th birthday

Google brings to the world today a special recognition for Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrödinger, an Austrian physicist who shared notable works related to quantum theory, formulated wave equation (stationary and time-dependent), named "Schrödinger equation" and delve into the development of formalism and matrix mechanics.
Erwin Schrödinger
 Hence, the Google Doodle today, right in your homepage.
Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrödinger was born on 12 August 1887 and died on the 4th of January 1961. He was aged 73.

The following are the institutions he went to:
  • University of Breslau
  • University of Zürich
  • Humboldt University of Berlin
  • University of Oxford
  • University of Graz
  • Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
  • Ghent University
Schrödinger is also popularly known for:
  • Schrödinger equation
  • Schrödinger's cat
  • Schrödinger method
  • Schrödinger functional
  • Schrödinger group
  • Schrödinger picture
  • Schrödinger-Newton equations
  • Schrödinger field
  • Rayleigh-Schrödinger perturbation
  • Schrödinger logics
Schrödinger died from tuberculosis.

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