Google releases new ad unit for ad size responsive sites

Coming in on beta form, Google has just released a new ad unit intended for responsive sites or those that automatically adjust to different ad unit sizes.

Developers can now use Google Adsense's "asynchronous ad code" to tailor their dynamic sites to conform to responsive ad units. It goes on to say that developers can now specify the size of ads that will served by their sites, across devices.
For now, there is still a feature that responsive ad units do no support - screen orientation. But rest assured, Google takes on this feature sooner or later.

How do you find this new ad unit by Google Adsense?

Would you be most likely using it?

How do you find this ad unit in terms of improving your ads publishing?

In any case, this is another great feature that both bloggers and advertisers can contemplate on, to improve their revenues and advertisement optimization respectively.

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