I-80 sinkhole on Truckee California interrupts traffic

The I-80 sinkhole is measuring at least 3-foot-wide and it brought closure to two lanes along Interstate road 80. The depth was measured as 8-feet; It opened on Friday during a regular pavement work.
The East and Westbound lanes on I-80 will be closed to traffic, due to a shutdown. There will be major delays for the commuters to endure.

The cause of the sinkhole on I-80 is still unknown but as of now, authorities are looking into any possible repairs that can be made.

According to Caltrans, the sinkhole was alongside a culvert. Speculations say, it must have been developed many years ago.

Here is a video report from CBS Sacramento:
There's been a series of sinkholes happening lately. One of them scariest is the one that took place in a certain bayou in Louisiana, wherein a group of trees were swallowed down. The phenomenon forced some 300 residents to leave their homes.

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