iPhone rumor has it - Apple to reveal new phone on Sept. 10

Are you in this iPhone rumor craze or just an avid user and fan waiting for the new things to get announced and come out? Whatever your reason is, it looks like Apple is on the fast track of revealing things out. Some say, the new Apple phone will be in new materials and colors, featuring a convex home button.

Sometime in the last week of July, we had a post about the release of iPhone 5S and a less expensive unit - iPhone 5C.
Speculations in this iPhone rumor is a suspected capability of the gadget to read finger prints. If that is so, this could be no other than the iPhone 5S - the phone which utilizes biometrics technology.

Are your excited? How likely will you be buying this new iPhone unit? Let's see when it gets to the market! (Image: www.ubergizmo.com)

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