Janine Tugonon leaves for US for good

In the past months, we all had a dose of Miss Universe 2012 first runner-up, Janine Tugonon. Rumors rose up specially when she broke up with ex-boyfriend Jaypee Santos, allegedly because of the beauty queen's "spur of the moment" kind of attraction over "The Script" vocalist Danny O'Donoghue.
Janine also received mixed reactions when she practically dumped Jaypee over national television, on 'Kris TV' in particular. Some people took the situation a bit harsh.

Then another issue came up - GMA Network artist Benjamin Alves is dating Janine Tugonon. The actor admitted that they do go out but that's because they are friends. Moreover, Janine cleared it up that they eat out because they go to the same church and they are indeed good friends.

In a recent interview on The Buzz, Janine said she will be going to the US for good - well, basically to study. It has been her dream to study abroad and now that there is an opportunity to do so, she wants to grab it.

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