Japan revealed biggest warship since World War II - IZUMO

Izumo, the largest warship of Japan since World War II was unveiled to public in Yokohama. The vessel is an 820-foot-long, 19,500-ton flattop and is capable of carrying at least 14 helicopters.
The warship looks like an aircraft carrier but it is actually designed flat top as helicopter destroyer.

According to Japan's Defense Ministry, Izumo is a $1.2 billion warship stationed at a certain dockyard in Yokohama. It was launched as the tensions between Japan and China intensifies over disputed islands in the East China Sea.

While at that, China released the following statements or warnings rather:
We are concerned over Japan's constant expansion of its military equipment. Japan's Asian neighbors and the international community need to be highly vigilant about this trend
Japan should learn from history, adhere to its policy of self-defense and abide by its promise to take the road of peaceful development.
Both Japan and China are claiming ownership over lands found in between Okionawa and Taiwan.

The launching of Japan's Izumo on Tuesday coincided with the anniversary of the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima.

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