Lady Gaga advised One Direction after getting booed at the 2013 MTV VMAs

Apparently, UK boy band One Direction got booed at the 2013 MTV VMAs as they tried to accept their award - Moonman for Best Song of the Summer for their single "Best Song Ever". Thereafter, "Mother Monster" Lady Gaga approached the boys and gave them some advice.
At first, Lady Gaga was kind of clueless on what was happening why the crowd got unusually rowdy when the One Direction boys went to the stage. Gaga even asked if they are getting booed or what.
 After the awarding, Lady Gaga talked to the boys in a room and told them these:
You guys were awesome! I don't know if you heard it, but if I heard what I heard out there, I just wanna tell you that you deserve every bit of success that you have, and don't you dare let those people boo you and I put that booing in my own show because I wanted to make a comment about that...I wanna leave right now...
For the reference, here goes One Direction's "Best Song Ever" Music Video:
What do you think of the VMAs crowd reaction towards One Direction? Are you with it or with Lady Gaga's "Words of Wisdom"?

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