Lobster shell disease moves to Maine

Although scientists and lobster-men say residents should not be alarmed with the increase in the number of ratio of lobsters found with shell disease in Maine, concern should be there to monitor aquatic and fisheries condition.

Latest findings reveal that lobsters with shell disease went five folds from 2010 to 2012. The disease is not harmful to humans but it may hurt related markets.

This lobster shell disease carries bacteria that eats on the marine life's shell, thereby making it less marketable due to ugly lesions.

Lobster shell disease photos:


Since lobster is one of the top fishery products in Maine, including New England, market value will be potentially affected.

According to Kathy Castro, fisheries biologist at the University of Rhode Island Fisheries Center, lobster shell disease could be due to "rising water temperatures, pollution and low oxygen levels in the water".

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