Obama contemplates on options towards Syria Chemical Massacre

US President Barack Obama is undergoing a review of the possible options to take towards the alleged chemical bombing in Syria, killing over a thousand people and counting.
The United Nations is on the height of intending to carry out a thorough investigation of the chemical massacre charges.

Will Syria allow UN to investigate?
As the Syrian government vehemently denies the accusation, it is yet to respond to a call whether it will allow UN officials to take a look at the sites of the attack.

As an advance move, the US Navy has been moving towards Syria while President Obama is seeking to discuss with his national security officials regarding possible responses to the alleged use of chemical weapons.

A White House official said:
We have a range of options available, and we are going to act very deliberately so that we're making decisions consistent with our national interest as well as our assessment of what can advance our objectives in Syria
Iran's take on the possible international intervention over Syria
Though it stressed that rebels must have done the bombing, Syria's ally Iran issued a warning on any possible military actions from the West.
There is proof terrorist groups carried out this action, said foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Araqchi.
We warn against any actions or statements that could create more tension in the region. I hope that White House officials show enough wisdom not to enter into such dangerous tumult.
Meanwhile, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon instructed Under Secretary Kane to look into establishing the terms of a possible thorough inquiry over Syria crisis. (Image: www.usatoday.com)

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