Oil spill in Manila Bay poses health and environmental damages

Estimates say, at least half a million liters of diesel fuel have been staining the Philippine's Manila Bay, thereby posing health and environmental damages if not addressed properly soon.
Manila Bay is the busiest waterway in the region. It is where one of the major maritime activities in the national capital occurs or at least originate. According to a statement from coast guard environmental protection chief Commodore Joel Garcia:
I cannot say that we have contained it because it has affected so wide an area
There have been reports of cases of people going to hospital from difficulty of breathing due to the fumes coming from this oil.
As of the latest, the oil spill has affected about 20 kilometers of Manila's coastline already.

While this spill poses serious threat to nearby residences for possible breathing problems due to foul smells, marine and aquatic lives are also in danger.

Apparently, the oil spill came from a vessel named M/T Makisig - a 34,000-barrel-capacity tanker. The ship including its crew have already been detained. They could face, including the tanker's owner, criminal charges.

Stay tuned on Manila Bay oil spill as news and updates come in.

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