Top 50 Tax Paying Restaurants in Quezon City for 2011

bureau-of-internal-revenueLet us take a look at who among your favorite restaurants in Quezon City are within the BIR's top listing. In a report released by the Department of Finance (DOF) and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), the following restaurants in the said city were among the top 50 tax payers for 2011:

List of Top 50 Tax Paying Restaurants in Quezon City:
  1. Chef's Secret, Inc. - P4,986,922 income tax due
  2. Banapple Pies & Cheescakes - P4,293,966 
  3. Italianni's Restaurant -P2,105,324
  4. Pancake House -P1,621,032
  5. Burger King -P1,593,345 
  6. Sbarro -P1,391,928
  7. Yo! Teppan Restaurant, Cocina La Paella, Huntley Mandarin Food Express, Metrostar Cafe -P1,018,408
  8. Lettered L Canteen Services -P1,000,007
  9. Pho No 1, Inc, -P939,157
  10. Hizon's Restaurant & Catering Services -P915,723
  11. SRI Food Delight, Inc. (Burgoo) -P899,517
  12. Picante -P896,776
  13. Specialty Restaurant, Inc. (Burgoo) -P875,382
  14. VZG Food Industries, Inc. -P870,044
  15. Poulet Grillade, Inc. -P853,698
  16. Icebergs Food Concepts, Inc. -P846,179
  17. Gumbo -P797,990
  18. Crisostomo Food House, Elias by Crisostomo -P747,523
  19. Jollibee (New Farmer's Plaza) -P735,443
  20. Velvet Foods, Corp. -P642,609
  21. Classmate KTV Music Lounge -P628,603
  22. Pancake House, Inc. -P627,594
  23. Crustasia, Blackbeard's Seafood Island, Clawdaddy, John Bamboo Sate House, The Red Crab Cafe -P624,574
  24. Max's -P613,370
  25. The Red Crab Alimango House, The Seafood Club, Blackbeard's Seafood Island, The Flying Pig -P612,803
  26. McMary's Food Center -P593,658
  27. Benito's Sevilla Resto Bar, Benito's Food Express -P593,301
  28. Bite Club -P557,140
  29. SL Celestial Foods Corporation -P545,457
  30. Jack's Loft Cafe, Basement After Six -P532,900
  31. Pho Hoa, My Thai Izakay Thaisho Sake Sushi Bar -P510,141
  32. Omakase -P493,313
  33. Bay City Prime Grills, Inc. -P491,022
  34. Joe Kuan, Goto Joe Lugawan -P437,367
  35. Mocha Blends, Max's -P434,911
  36. Sub-O Foods Corporation -P359,866
  37. Dei Gratia Coffee Shop, Nueve Cafe & Restaurant -P350,369
  38. Jollibee (Philcoa) -P348,316
  39. Zensho, Ba-B-Q Haus, Domel Cafe & Restaurant -P342,666
  40. Serye, Le Mitron Bakery, Manilabake -P332,957
  41. RVK Bar & Grill, Inc. -P326,184
  42. Erlinda's Food Service -P318,084
  43. KJ North Food Corporation -P309,772
  44. Cyma -P303,260
  45. Pasto, Dzao Vietnamese Bisto, Graffiti Hip Bar -P293,475
  46. Mid-Fil Foods, Inc. -P283,061
  47. Wham! Burgers -P279,408
  48. Blackbeard's Seafood Island Restaurant -P278,277
  49. RNH Food Center, Inc. -P271,844
  50. VRK Bar & Grill -P265,118
This could be a rather rough list of who pays the taxes due. It would have been meaningful if there is a trend representation of the above-mentioned food establishments - historical data that is, as well as business connection identification. Most probably, a couple or more of those in the list are actually owned by one and the same company, entity or businessman.

But this data item is a good head start nonetheless. Kudos to BIR and DOF.

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