P7.8 Million Flagpole is more than just a pole

Government agencies defended the controversial P7.8 Million Flagpole project for Luneta Park in Manila, which has been recently announced through national news portals and even social media networks.
As the photo of the document showing the details of the said flagpole went viral on the Internet, netizens say the cost is obviously exorbitant.
But according to Juliet Villegas, executive director of National Parks Development Committee (NPDC), the millions-worth flagpole will "enhance the heritage value” of Rizal Park.

The flagpole to be installed at the Luneta Park where a statue of Jose Rizal is erected is actually a part of the "commemorative project for the 150th birth anniversary celebration of Philippine national hero Dr. Jose Rizal". (http://newsinfo.inquirer.net)

The flagpole will be added with additional 50 meters and a "mechanized pulley".

Here are some of the statements from the government agencies defending the cost estimate made for the monumental flagpole.

Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez, Jr. (The flagpole)
..is more than just a flagpole. It is a national monument. Kilometer Zero. Starting point of all journeys.
Department of Public Works and Highways-National Capital Region Director Reynaldo Tagudando
This project is part of the long-term Roxas Boulevard Development Plan. After this project, the flagpole will be called the ‘Philippine National Flagpole
Tagudando continued:
We have nothing to hide. The project allotment and costs were all itemized
The P7.8 Million Flagpole is expected to be completed before December 30. It will be handled by AKH Construction company. (Photos by talakayanatkalusugan.com and PEBA, Inc.)

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