Philippine ship collision: Missing passengers and death toll

Update: Latest numbers have it that there have been around 870 passengers and crews on board the St Thomas Aquinas ferry when it collided with a freighter on Friday. Missing people are now at the count of 200 while death toll is at 28.
According to DZBB radio interview with Rear Admiral Luis Tuason, vice commandant of the coastguard:
The captain managed to declare abandon ship and they distributed life jackets but, because of the speed by which it went down, there is a big chance that there are people trapped inside.
Stay tuned for more news and updates regarding this maritime accident.

According to reports, at least seventeen people died after a Philippine ferry 'Thomas Aquinas' collided with Sulpicio Express 7 Freighter on Friday. The incident occurred at 9:00 pm around 2 kilometers from the shore, near the port of Cebu.
As per statement of Cebu coastguard commander Weniel Azcuna, the ferry was carrying some 692 people while the freight ship got 36 crew members on board.

Philippine navy spokesman Lieutenant Commander Gregory Fabic told AFP:
The Aquinas has sunk and we have sent a navy patrol gunboat to join the coastguard in the search and rescue effort
Radio broadcasts say, there have been 220 people rescued but the total figure is still too early to be finalized at the moment.

The impact of the collision of the two ships was strong; The ferry sank within 30 minutes of the clash.

Do you have any relatives or friends on board the said ferry? Better coordinate with your local authorities to help gather necessary information.

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