14-year old Rachel Parent crushed an arrogant interviewer [VIDEO]

How about seeing a 14-year old girl kicking some serious butts in an interview by an "arrogant" host? That's what you will be seeing in the video below as Rachel Parent, a young Canadian activist who founded an organization called "The Kids Right To Know" takes on the sensitive topic GMO or genetically modified organisms.
Apparently, the texts made as caption in this photo was spoken by O'Leary and it drove Rachel to ask for an invite to his show "The Lang and O'Leary Exchange".
In the interview, Parent exquisitely laid down her take and brilliant answers to O'Leary's interrogating questions.

What Parent wants to stress is "labeling" on foods so that people, specially the kids know what they are eating. To whatever decisions be made, it's a personal choice and she is totally fine with it. She just want to advocate "informed decision making".

While O'Leary repeatedly tried to lure Parent into different topics, the young activist does the same by always coming back to her ideals - the future generation, the kids need to be informed of what they are going to eat.

Watch the video below:
The Lang and O'Leary Exchange is a Canadian based business news TV series which airs during weekdays on CBC television. Its first episode was in October 2009.

O'Leary is a Quebec, Montreal born (1954) businessman, investor and a TV personality.

Here is a rather very detailed notations on how the debate went: 5 ways a 14-year-old crushed an arrogant interviewer from Ragan.Com.

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