Olinguito: Scientists discover new mammal species in Colombia and Ecuador

It was out of curiosity over a mislabeled specimen in a Chicago museum collection that led zoologist Kristofer Helgen to discover a new carnivore mammal species, named as "Olinguito".

Referring to the unique specimen in the museum, Dr. Helgen said:
It stopped me in my tracks ..The skins were a rich red colour and when I looked at the skulls I didn't recognise the anatomy. It was different to any similar animal I'd seen, and right away I thought it could be a species new to science.
Olinguito measures 35cm or 4 inches long and it is the newest addition to the big collection of animal family like that of the racoons.
Since Olinguito is a carnivore species, it shares many similar characteristics with cats, dogs and bears or its relatives. While at that, the animal also eats fruits and leaves.
According to scientists speculation, Olinguito might have been shown in exhibits in zoos between 1967 and 1976. Archive information even revealed that there was indeed an Olinguito - in Washington National Zoo in particular. However, the animal was not identified as a unique or separate species.

Further discovery says, Olinguitos lived in several protected areas - from central Colombia to western Ecuador.
Photo: http://www.bbc.co.uk
While it is a breakthrough in zoology to identify another species in the animal kingdom, do you consider Olinguitos as adorable creatures? From our perspective, Olinguitos could be a great pet. Agree?

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