Seahawks trade John Moffitt to Cleveland for Brian Sanford

John Moffitt says there is no hurt feelings with the trade executed by his former league Seahawks. He says, at the end of the day, it's business that will emerge at the top of the list. With the move, Moffitt will be playing for Cleveland, in an offensive line.
Seahawks trade John Moffitt to Cleveland
At least Seattle Seahawks reached a point to end its choosing task by trading Moffitt for Cleveland Browns' lineman Brian Sanford.

Moffitt is a veteran from Wisconsin. He was a third round pick in 2011. He started with nine games before he suffered a knee injury. If you have been following, Moffitt once got into trouble when he urinated in public.

Moffitt's replacement Sanford is entering his fourth year and has only played six games.

From a try out last week, Seattle is also pulling in undrafted free agent Dewayne Cherrington, taking the spot of kicker Carson Wiggs.

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