SM Olongapo funny elevator girl [VIDEO]

On July 30 (Tue), a certain video featuring a SM Olongapo elevator operator girl happily delivering her service as she man's the lift with funny and delightful greetings and floor information to the elevator passengers.
Josh Magpale ( took the video on July 26 at SM Olongapo. Thank you for sharing this!
In a very short span of time, the "funny elevator girl" video, as netizens named it, seemingly started to go viral. It made rounds in the social media portals and now she even got someone made a Facebook Fan Page, located at:

A lot of people have been curious who this elevator girl is. From the Facebook page made for her, we learned that her name is Cheridel Alejandrino. Let's hope she does not find this intrusive, sharing one of her basic personal information online.
Due to the video upload and with the help of Filipino social media users, funny elevator girl Cheridel seem to have earned appreciations and praises from people overseas as well. Here is Ms. Cheridel Alejandrino with her family.
Some even hoped that the shopping mall where she is presently working, will give her some sort of a recognition or maybe a promotion due to her exceptional dedication at work.

What can you say about this funny elevator girl? For sure, she is giving a lot of good vibes to the shoppers, making their stay in the establishment more enjoyable, light and relaxed.

This is definitely a two-thumbs up for Ms. Alejandrino. Let's hope her good example and show of excellent customer service spread throughout.

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