Sunshine Cruz 'Ra-pe' photo on Instagram

There has been a budding and seemingly circling issue going on between actress Sunshine Cruz and "estranged" husband Cesar Montano. Reports have it that Sunshine already filed a case against Montano, wherein the latter referred to as not true - a "mere verbatim rehash".

READ: Sunshine Cruz files physical abuse against Cesar Montano (Later on expounded as Montano ra-ped Cruz on Mothers Day)

Today, in our circle of blogging friends, we learned that "Sunshine posted a ra-ped-photo of her on Instagram". Here goes it!
Probably not the type of picture you expected and wanted see but as what the file above would say, Sunshine took or maybe somebody else, a photo of her neck with bruises of sort.

Aside from questioning if there was really a marital abuse, some people also doubted if that one in the picture is really Sunshine Cruz. Who are we to say what's true and what's not? Well, she could have shown her face for more realistic evidence.

What do you think about this so called "Sunshine Cruz ra-pe photo on Instagram"? Any reactions? (Photo: Grabbed from

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