Testicle biting fish in Denmark, authorities warn residents

A piranha cousin, red-bellied pacu has been spreading terror in Denmark waters, as rumors say, the fish goes after testicles. It's definitely a threat to skinny-dippers out there trying to cool hot temperature off.
On August 4, a fisherman named Einar Lindgreen reportedly caught the said exotic specie while fishing in the Oresund.

Red-bellied pacu is actually a native marine life of the Amazon. Surprisingly, its teeth look like that of the humans. Although according to fish expert Peter Rask Moller of the University of Copenhagen, this is the first time that "testicle-eating" fish aka red pacu has been caught in Scandinavia.

Moller said, this could be due to evident carelessness of some fish farmers and owners; They might have gotten the fish on the loose.

There is still no case of testicle-biting incident in Denmark yet but at least in Papua New Guinea, the same fish has been called as the "ball-cutter" after castrating two local fishermen.

Hence, Copenhagen university issued a warning to the public to "keep their swimsuits well tied".

Could it be that this testicle-biting fish is just one of the many invasive species in the waters of Denmark? Who knows?

In any case, take the scientists' / experts' words as serious caution. You don't want to take a dip there and get out with chomped or detached appendages. Don't take the risk of confirming by yourself whether the said fish does the said damage or not. (Image: www.seriouslyfish.com)

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