Tracfone prepaid and postpaid cellular phones

If you are in the U.S. and is considering postpaid cellular phones and services as partner in your daily mobile computing requirements, Tracfone could be your best available choice. There maybe other mobile service providers out there but the question is, are they among the leading entities in your area? Do they provide top of the line phones from known and trusted manufacturers?
With Tracfone, you'll get things over the top. It has got the capability to cover America’s leading networks.

One of the standing advantages with Tracfone is that, you will be getting your signed minutes and days of mobile service carried over for as long as your Tracfone is active. Your calls for national, international and roaming will be at the same low rate as signed in your contract.

Tracfone phones and coverage
For wireless devices, Tracfone offers units manufactured by Motorola,LG, and Samsung for as minimum as $9.99 and that includes cell phones that are Candy Bar style, Camera, Flip, Sliders, Touch Screen and QWERTY.

Tracfone is boasting its coverage in almost 100 percent (99.6) of the available cellular denominations around.

Where to buy your Tracfone phones
Tracfone wireless devices, including airtime cards can be found in more than 90,000 retail outlets in the US, Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

So why you should choose Tracfone? Here is what we got from Tracfone's website:
- TracFone is America’s #1 National No-Contract Wireless service provider.
- No contract, No Bills, No Daily or Monthly fees.
- Nationwide Coverage on America’s Best and Most Dependable Networks.
- Call Nationally, Internationally or Roam at local call rates.
- Lowest out of pocket cost for Phone and Service.
- Calls to over 100 international destinations.
- Phones from great manufacturers such as Samsung, and LG.
- No Credit Check or Credit Card required.
- TracFone cell phones and airtime available at over 90,000 retailers nationwide.
- Keep your existing phone number or get a new one.
Perhaps, one of best features of Tracfone is the "No contract, No Bills, No Daily or Monthly fees" thing. That is just pure awesome, specially to those who want to keep things virtual and online.

But then again, make sure you've understood clearly the attributes of Postpaid and Prepaid plans. Postpaid is when you sign up for a contact with a telephone or cellular phone company for something like 1 or 2 years bind. Postpaid sometimes go with hidden charges to users. This happens when an airtime card loses it limit while the phone is being used; Regular charges may apply to your consumed extra airtime. Beware of the hidden charges that may emerge along the way.

On the other hand, PrePaid is when you pay for the airtime minutes as you use. This one does not impose a locked-in contract option. Prepaid services can be used and halted anytime you want. Also, you lose the perks used in Postpaid, wherein a company may subsidize the cost of your phone unit.

Either way, Tracfone still offers fantastic ways to feed your cellular phone craze and cravings.

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